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Manufacturer Description

Black logo white ball. If you loved our MonkeyBall XL you're gonna go bananas over our MonkeBall Black high performance golf ball - so high performance - we'd call it an exploding golf ball but you might get the wrong idea! That's because we improved our core for softer compression while expanding the diameter of our dimple design for more control and accuracy off of the tee. This is no monkey business like you get from the other guys. Our MonkeBall Black is a superior ball for both performance off the tee and psychological strategy in your game. Great gift for your golf buddy. Embrace your vice golf gifts.

Product Features

? FOR YOUR GOLF BUDDY WHO'S VICE IS SLAPPING THAT MONKEY! Is he choking his chicken or up on his shaft? Finally, funny golf balls that say it all about your buddy, friend, husband, wife, senior or anyone you know that spends more time playing with their funny balls than really playing golf. Toss a MonkeyBall BLK golf ball to your bud and tell them to "Slap that Monkey" off the tee and see what happens! Instant loss of focus with exploding golf ball laughs all over the links. ? 100% REFUNDABLE FOR 60 DAYS - OUR USGA CONFORMING "PRIMATOR" BLK BALL: Our high velocity longer distance performance gag golf ball for consistent straight shots off the tee makes this funny golf ball high performance for competitive play. Made for high-launch, optimized speed & trajectory, this ball is exploding off the tee with low spin for added distance but also forces your buddy to think about #SlappingThatMonkey! 😂😂😂. And since its 100% refundable is the Best of Golf Gifts For Men! ? BEST GOLF GIFT ESPECIALLY W/ OUR MULLIGAN (Pictured): Giving boring golf balls like Polara or Snell, or some other gag golf gift is DULL! Pair this with our Mulligan club cover & you've got golf gifts for men that lasts for years! Imagine laughs you'll get when your novelty gift is opened & you say "Got you these balls because I know you like to #SLAPYOURMONKEY!" Retiree? You're gonna spend a lot of time #SLAPPINGYOURMONKEY & the same if you're a bachelor or inside w your putting green! ? GAG GOLF BALLS MAKE A GREAT GAG GOLF GIFT & PLAY GREAT: Give a box of our balls to your golf buddy on the course after a few beers and see what happens. GUARANTEED LAUGHS & CONVERSATION! These are gag golf balls that you'll want in your sack. Smack your black monkey off the tee or put your balls in our Mulligan sack & be an attention getter. So high performance - we'd call them exploding golf balls but you might get the wrong idea! They're Vice is Golf? This is the best golf ball for them! ?SLAP YO MONKEY GOLF BALLS: Who wants schwetty golf balls testicles anyway? SEX sells b/c it distracts. And our innuendo gets in the heads of your buds making it hard to focus while you are exploding our ball off the tee! Our aggressive growth dual core is offset by a response cover creating balance between distance & super soft feel. Goes great as a white elephant gift or novelty gift for men & women. Don't play with your pink sack, sweatty balls or mysack . Embrace your Vice & Slap Yo Monkey!