Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls 12pk White

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Manufacturer Description

8 out of 10 golfers who try the Wilson Staff DUO golf ball make the switch for good. It's the softest golf ball on the market at a 40 compression, and it is guaranteed to add distance to your game. After trying the DUO, you will see that the concept is simple: LONG and SOFT. Wilson Staff is so confident in the performance of this ball, we are offering a money back guarantee. With each purchase of a dozen, you receive a free 2-ball trial pack. Limit of one 2-ball trial ball pack per order per model.

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are the Next Generation in Low Compression Technology. Performance Double-Take: Long Off the Tee, Soft Around the Green. Take One: Long Off The Tee. Wilson Duo Golf Balls have a higher C.O.R (coefficient of restitution), which is the primary indicator of how fast the ball will leave the club face. Take Two: Soft Around The Green. The Duo has the lowest compression of any golf ball on the market, which is a primary indicator of how soft the ball will feel.

2-Piece Golf Ball

Rubber Rich Core Technology
Staff Duo Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Ball
Wilson Staff Duo Design
The Duo is comprised of a two-piece large core that contains Rubber Rich Core Technology. Duo has a 96.3% Purity Core which is the amount of core that is a part of the complex polymer matrix; this allows golfers to improve their C.O.R and ball velocity. More rubber equals more velocity. The Duo Golf Balls have a new 302 Seamless Dimple Pattern which results in optimized distance performance. These are the lowest compression balls on the market; 40 compression core which maximizes the contact area with the club and allows for improved playability around the greens.

Wilson Staff Duo Design Efficiency- Ball Velocity/Compression
The Duo is long- as long as any Premium two-piece golf ball. The Duo is soft- significantly softer than any other golf ball. The Wilson Staff Duo exhibits high C.O.R over varios test velocities and it performs exceptionally well at all swing speeds and at all temperatures. A true Performance Double Take! Wilson Staff Duo has similar ball Initial Ball Velocity to other top of the line golf balls. Wilson Staff Duo achieves this ball velocity at much lower compression; the ratio of ball velocity to compression is two times that of other high-performance golf balls. The construction of the Duo is significantly more efficient based upon the velocity/compression ratio than other high-performance golf balls.

About Wilson Staff
Wilson Staff Irons have won more majors than any other brand. We hear it everyday; on planes, on golf courses, in golf shops and on Tour. Mention Wilson Staff and you'll hear a story. About the day a father passed on his set to his son. Or the set used to learn the game growing up. Or the set used to win the club championship. Wilson Staff has been playing a role in cherished memories for more than 90 years and this legacy continues today stronger than ever. Everyone at Wilson recognizes our great responsibility to deliver yet another generation of hand-crafted, high performance equipment that today's players will proudly hand down to their next generation. Wilson Staff Irons-More Majors Won Than Any Other Brand. More Wilson. More Win.

Product Features

Long off the tee - exceptional distance performance and improved control due to lower spin off the driver Soft around the green - softer feel for improved playability around the greens Half the compression of the average leading competitor balls A high C.O.R. results in high velocity and exceptional distance Seamless 302 dimple pattern results in consistent ball flight